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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings: Review

  • Post last modified:16 May 2024

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings: Essentials Reviewed

1.30 Carat G-SI2 Emerald Cut Diamond Twisted Shank Contemporary Solitaire


Have you ever wondered what makes emerald cut engagement rings so captivating? An emerald cut diamond is elegant with clean lines and a sophisticated shape, different from round and princess cuts.

What started as a popular choice for emeralds has become a sought-after style for diamonds, especially in engagement rings.

You might notice that more and more couples are choosing emerald cut engagement rings. Their structured charm and understated brilliance have a modern yet timeless appeal to vintage lovers and modern fashionistas alike.

Emerald cut engagement rings are popular again, whether you like the historical or modern style. They are experiencing a revival in popularity.

These rings are special for a reason. Their appeal goes beyond just looks. They tell a story – your story. So, let’s explore together why an emerald cut might just be the perfect symbol of your love.

Emerald Cut Diamond

History of Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Have you ever marvelled at the understated elegance of emerald-cut engagement rings? This distinctive style isn’t just a modern trend; it has roots deep in the rich soil of gemstone history.

In the 1500s, jewelers created the emerald cut to better cut fragile emerald gemstones that are prone to chipping. The designer created the cut’s straight linear facets to protect the stone while enhancing its natural color and vibrancy.

Jewelers got better at cutting gemstones. They found that the emerald cut made gemstones, like diamonds, look more beautiful. The emerald cut has clean lines and a symmetrical form. It enhances the beauty of gemstones.

During the Art Deco era in the 1920s and 30s, people viewed the emerald cut as sophisticated and glamorous. People highly valued this cut for its elegant and luxurious appearance.

The wealthy and fashionable often chose this jewellery as a popular option. People saw the emerald cut as a status symbol, representing wealth and style.

In the past, people liked geometric shapes and smooth designs, so the emerald cut became popular in jewelry.

Many people, including famous figures, prefer emerald cut engagement rings, who have wielded influence over fashion trends. Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, had a stunning emerald cut diamond ring. The ring represented her distinctive and daring fashion sense.

The ring was more than just jewelry. It represented her unique style and the different kind of love she had with Edward VIII.

Moreover, Hollywood has had its share of emerald cut admirers. Elizabeth Taylor, a famous actress, got a stunning emerald cut diamond engagement ring from her husband, Richard Burton. People knew Richard Burton for his love of jewelry.

This piece showed her luxurious lifestyle and exquisite taste during the golden age of cinema. People knew its impressive size and clarity.

The history of emerald cut engagement rings is a tapestry woven with tales of royalty, celebrity, and timeless elegance.

The style keeps changing. Simple and clean designs are still popular. Many people prefer fancy and elaborate things.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Characteristics of Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

What sets emerald cut engagement rings apart from the crowd? All in the details—the precise cut, the unique facet arrangement, and the optimal table size.

Emerald cut differs from round cuts because it arranges its facets in parallel lines on the stone’s surface. This creates a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect that is both elegant and sophisticated.

The emerald cut diamond has a wide, flat top and a elongated shape with step-like facets on the sides.

This setup isn’t just for appearance, it’s important. The table is clear. The stone’s shape is long, showing its clarity and how light hits it.

But how do these characteristics influence the ring’s appearance and light performance? Emerald cut engagement rings showcase a different kind of brilliance than their round or princess-cut counterparts.

The emerald cut gives off a subtle glow that showcases the stone’s pure color and depth, rather than a flashy sparkle. This type of cut doesn’t just scintillate—it mesmerizes with its calm, steady luminescence.

Light behaves uniquely with emerald cuts. Their flat pane-like facets reflect light more intensely, making inclusions seem larger and enhancing the stone’s natural color.

The flat pane-like facets of the stone create a focused light reflection. This reflection can make inclusions appear larger. Additionally, it brings out the natural color of the stone.

The emerald cut is ideal for top-quality diamonds as it highlights their beauty without any distractions from flaws.

The appeal of emerald cut engagement rings lies in their elegance and the bold statement they make. They don’t demand attention loudly, but instead, they subtly attract it. This makes them a top choice for people who like a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary style.

You can wear an emerald cut ring alone or with side stones. It indicates elegant taste and quiet confidence in the wearer. The ring’s design suggests sophistication and understated style. The person wearing it is likely to have a refined and self-assured demeanor.

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Comparing Emerald Cut with Other Diamond Cuts

Why choose an emerald cut engagement ring over round, princess, or oval cuts? All cuts are pretty, but emerald cuts stand out in jewelry because they have special advantages that make them unique.

The Round cut is the most popular of all diamond cuts, prized for its versatility and maximum brilliance. Expert cutters enhance sparkle in round diamonds, making them incredibly bright and eye-catching. However, emerald cuts bring a different kind of aesthetic to the table—literally.

With their elongated shape and step-cut facets, emerald cut engagement rings offer a more subtle and understated elegance. They are less about sparkle and more about showcasing the diamond’s pure clarity and natural hues.

Princess Cut: Known for its sharp, modern lines, the princess cut is a favourite for those seeking a contemporary look. Like round cuts, princess cuts also enhance a diamond’s brilliance but in a more angular, edgy fashion.

Emerald cuts have a more elegant and subtle look compared to other cuts. They have rectangular facets that give a hall-of-mirrors effect instead of a fiery sparkle. This makes emerald cut rings ideal for those who appreciate vintage aesthetics and elegant simplicity.

Oval-Cut: Oval cuts are great for maximizing carat weight, giving the illusion of a larger diamond. They are quite brilliant and offer a soft, rounded shape that is flattering on the hand.

Emerald cuts, while also elongating the finger, do so in a more geometric manner. The emerald cut has straight lines.

It also has a clear window. These features make the finger look longer. They give a sense of elegance not often seen in other cuts.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Benefits of Choosing an Emerald Cut:

The emerald cut has a large table and step-cut facets. This makes it easy to see the stone’s clarity and color. It shows off these qualities better than other cuts. It shows off these qualities better than other cuts.

The emerald cut shape can make fingers look longer and slimmer, which is a popular effect for many people.

Vintage Charm: Emerald cuts are reminiscent of the Art Deco era, ideal for those who love the glamour of past times.

Emerald cuts are cheaper because they need less precision than round or princess cuts. This means we can use more of the rough diamond. This can make emerald cuts more budget-friendly because the cutting process wastes less of the stone.

Emerald cut engagement rings are more than just a style choice. They show sophistication and a nod to the past’s elegance. They are a great option for someone who appreciates both history and modern design.

1.30 Carat G-SI2 Emerald Cut Diamond Twisted Shank Contemporary Solitaire

Style and Setting Options for Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut diamonds are popular for their elegant simplicity and versatility in different settings. People love them for their clean lines. They have the ability to look great in a variety of settings.

Solitaire Setting: The solitaire is perhaps the most timeless and traditional choice for showcasing an emerald cut diamond. This ring has one diamond on a plain band, so the diamond’s beauty and special features can shine without any distractions.

The solitaire setting makes the emerald cut diamond look clearer and more distinct. It also enhances the diamond’s elongated shape, making it appear even more majestic.

Halo Setting: If you’re looking to amplify the brilliance of an emerald cut diamond, consider a halo setting. This style surrounds the centre stone with a circle of smaller diamonds, adding sparkle and making the centre stone appear larger.

A halo setting can make an emerald cut look softer and more vintage, with a touch of modern glamour. Great for those who like a bit of sparkle.

A Three-Stone Setting is ideal for an emerald cut engagement ring. It symbolizes the past, present, and future.

The ring has a large diamond in the center. Two smaller stones are on each side. These smaller stones can be diamonds or other gems. This setting adds visual interest and sparkle, and you can personalize it to make the ring unique to your story.

Choosing the perfect style for your emerald cut engagement ring depends on your lifestyle and personal taste. Here are a few tips:

  • If you are active or work with your hands, you may prefer a bezel setting for your diamond. This setting will help protect your diamond from damage.
  • Aesthetic Preferences: Reflect on whether you prefer a more minimalist look or something bold and statement-making. Solitaire settings are for people who like simple designs. Halo and three-stone settings are for those who prefer more luxury.
  • Budget: Different settings can vary significantly in price. Solitaire settings tend to be less expensive than halo or three-stone settings because there are fewer diamonds involved.

An emerald cut engagement ring reflects your style and elegance, no matter the setting you pick. This piece has a simple design and clean beauty. It offers versatility and suits many different settings. Each setting provides a unique way to showcase this classic style.

Pricing and Value of Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Understanding the pricing and value of an engagement ring is crucial when making a choice. Emerald cut engagement rings are simple and elegant, with a vintage charm. They come in different prices to suit different budgets. But what factors influence the cost of these beautiful pieces?

Price Range: Emerald cut engagement rings can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, depending on different factors. This price range makes emerald cuts accessible whether you’re looking for something modest or more lavish.

Factors Affecting the Price:

Carat Weight: As with most diamonds, the carat weight has a substantial impact on the price. Emerald cut diamonds are typically less expensive per carat than round-cut diamonds. The shape preserves more of the rough stone during the cutting process. This means you might be able to get a larger emerald cut diamond for the same price as a smaller round cut.

An emerald cut is different from round and princess cuts. The emerald cut diamond has clean lines and a sophisticated silhouette, giving it a unique level of elegance. Different from round and princess cuts.

The clarity of an emerald cut diamond is important. This is because its large table and step cuts make inclusions more visible. This is in comparison to other cuts like round or princess. Therefore, the higher the clarity grade, the more expensive the diamond will be.

Similarly, the colour of an emerald-cut diamond can also affect its price. Diamonds that are closer to white in color are more rare and expensive.

White diamonds are rarer and pricier. The emerald cut emphasizes color more than other cuts. Selecting a grade that gives the diamond a white appearance when setting it is crucial.

Cut Quality: The quality of the cut impacts not only the diamond’s appearance but also its price. A well-cut emerald diamond should have good proportions and symmetry to look beautiful and shiny. However, emerald cuts are typically less sparkly than round cuts.

Origin: The sourcing of the diamond can also affect its price. Conflict-free certified diamonds or diamonds sourced from mines with ethical labor practices may be more expensive. However, many buyers view them as a worthwhile investment.

When picking out an emerald cut engagement ring, it’s crucial to consider both the price and the quality. You should prioritize what is most important to you.

Make sure to find a balance that meets your preferences. If size is your priority, you might opt for a larger stone with slight inclusions. If clarity and colour are more important, you may choose a smaller, higher-quality diamond.

Knowing these factors can help you choose the right emerald cut engagement ring that fits your budget, style, and values. Knowing the factors will help you find the right ring. Also, it will ensure that the ring you choose is within your budget. Additionally, it will help you select a ring that reflects your personal style and values.

1.30 Carat G-SI2 Emerald Cut Diamond Twisted Shank Contemporary Solitaire

Frequently Asked Questions About Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Why choose an emerald cut for an engagement ring?

People choose emerald cuts for their classy, old-fashioned appearance, which is perfect for those who prefer a refined and subtle style. This style is perfect for someone who values tradition but also wants a ring that stands out with its geometric clarity and neat lines.

How should I care for my emerald cut engagement ring?

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your emerald cut engagement ring sparkling. Clean it gently with mild soap and warm water using a soft toothbrush.

Having your ring checked annually by a jeweler is a good idea. This will ensure that the setting is secure. This is especially important if you lead an active lifestyle. Try to avoid exposing your ring to harsh chemicals, which can dull the diamond’s surface.

Are emerald cut diamonds more expensive?

Interestingly, emerald cut diamonds can often be less expensive than their round counterparts. This is because the emerald cut is more efficient in its use of the rough diamond, leading to less waste during the cutting process. Additionally, the lower demand for emerald cuts compared to round diamonds can also reduce their price.

What types of settings are best for emerald cut rings?

The best settings for emerald cut rings are those that provide both security and style. Bezel and prong settings are particularly popular. A bezel setting encases the diamond, protecting its edges and enhancing its visibility.

Prong settings have either four or six claws. These claws securely hold the diamond in place. They also allow more light to enter, showcasing the clarity and step-cut facets of the emerald cut.

What is unique about the emerald cut in engagement rings?

The emerald cut is famous for its elongated shape and step-like facets. These facets create a hall-of-mirrors effect rather than the typical sparkle found in other cuts. It exudes elegance and sophistication, often appearing larger and offering a unique, understated brilliance​​​​.

Can emerald cut diamonds have less brilliance?

Emerald cuts have fewer facets compared to round or princess cuts. This unique sparkle often described as a “hall of mirrors” effect gives them. This is different from the fiery brilliance seen in other cuts.

Are emerald cut diamonds more affordable?

Because of their lower demand, Emerald cut diamonds can be more affordable than other shapes. This type of cut makes the diamond look bigger for its weight, which can be a cost-effective feature.

What should I consider when choosing an emerald cut diamond?

When picking an emerald cut diamond, consider the length-to-width ratio for your desired shape. Also, make sure to thoroughly inspect the clarity of the diamond. Inclusions may be more visible with this particular cut.

How do I care for an emerald cut engagement rings?

Clean your emerald cut engagement ring regularly with a gentle solution. Have it checked by a jeweller once a year. Be cautious of harsh chemicals and physical activities that could damage the ring​​.

Do emerald cut engagement rings look good on all hand types?

Emerald cut rings can be flattering on most hand types as they can elongate the fingers and offer a slimming effect. However, personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the proper cut for your hand​​.

Is an emerald cut suitable for daily wear?

While emerald cuts are suitable for daily wear, they require mindful care to maintain their condition. Avoiding rough activities and storing them safely when not worn can help protect the ring over time​​​​.

Why might someone choose an emerald cut engagement ring?

Some people choose an emerald cut for its vintage charm. It also appears larger than its actual size. Additionally, it has a sophisticated and classic style. Also chosen for its cost-effectiveness compared to other popular cuts.


As we look at emerald cut engagement rings, we have discovered what makes this style so special. Many, including royalty and celebrities, love the emerald cut diamond for its long history. Its design is simple and elegant, making it more than just a choice – it’s a statement.

The emerald cut diamond stands out with its unique facets and large table, showcasing its clarity and beauty. Its mirror-like depth sets it apart from other cuts.

This cut is not exceedingly shiny or sparkly, but it has a classy and elegant glow. The glow combines old-fashioned charm with modern style.

Emerald cut engagement rings come in different styles like solitaire, halo, or three-stone settings. This allows for personal expression and versatility.

They cost less than other cuts, so you can get a bigger or better quality stone for the same price.

As you consider the perfect engagement ring, think of the emerald cut as more than just a jewel. A timeless symbol of elegance, a centrepiece that tells a story of clarity, depth, and enduring beauty.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the world of emerald cut engagement rings. May your choice reflect your deepest aspirations and the timeless beauty that this style so elegantly embodies

1.30 Carat G-SI2 Emerald Cut Diamond Twisted Shank Contemporary Solitaire

JamesAllen Twisted Shank Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Special Review

What is the Emerald Cut Diamond Twisted Shank Contemporary Solitaire?

This ring features a beautiful 1.30-carat emerald cut diamond with a G color grade and SI2 clarity. The diamond appears bright white with some slight inclusions that are visible up close or with magnification. The diamond’s proportions promise ample brilliance and a regal presence on the hand.

The platinum twisted shank setting adds a modern touch to the classic solitaire ring. It creates a safe and stylish setting for the emerald cut centerpiece.


This ring has a large emerald cut diamond that gives it a noticeable and elegant appearance. The G colour rating ensures a near-colourless look, while the SI2 clarity balances quality and value. The twisted shank design of the band adds a modern, sculptural element to the ring.

Pros & Cons

Benefits: The ring has a modern design that also appeals to those who like classic emerald-cut diamonds. The use of platinum for the band ensures durability and a premium feel.

The SI2 clarity may not suit everyone because it includes inclusions that are visible up close. However, they provide character and uniqueness to the diamond.

Customers love the ring’s quality and service from James Allen, according to reviews. People consistently praise the presentation and attention to detail in the design.


The ring costs £4,882. This price is reasonable because of the large diamond and high-quality platinum setting. A good choice for those with a medium to high budget, offering a balance between cost and quality.


Different Options: James Allen provides a variety of alternatives for those looking for higher clarity grades or different styles. This includes rings with higher clarity diamonds and various setting designs to suit different preferences and budgets.


The 1.30 Carat G-SI2 Emerald Cut Diamond Twisted Shank Contemporary Solitaire is an exquisite choice for a proposal. Its balance of a sizeable emerald cut diamond with a modern yet timeless design makes it stand out. The ring is expensive but worth it because of its special design and high-quality diamond. This makes it a good choice for people looking for a lasting commitment.

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An emerald cut diamond is elegant with clean lines and a sophisticated shape, different from round and princess cuts.